Prevention of Lung Disorders

As per market standards we have advanced diagnostic techniques like X-Ray and Echocardiogram are to diagnose and identify Lung cancer and Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) is another test to identify lung cancer disease. This is a medical process involving for this internal examination, biopsy and resection of disease or masses within the pleural cavity and other thoracic cavity. Thoracoscopy may be act either under general anesthesia or sedation with local anesthetic. Surgical biopsy was the standard better way to diagnose of Lung cancer. We have to wear appropriate masks and monitoring exposure to exploring in certain work environments are important precautions to follow. COPD a progressive course causing death from Respiratory failure or difficulties from its associated Lung diseases, which include Respiratory Artery Disease, lung cancer, stroke and Smoking Cessation, is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive; during the process of quitting very extending and difficult we can control with vaccination and prevention cure.

  • Get Vaccinated
  • Nutrition for healthy Lungs
  • Breath Matters
  • Safe Workplace
  • Symptoms around period

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